Adult Group Finder

» Anal Sex (748 groups)
For groups about anal sex, rimming, butplugs, anal toys or any other sort of anal adventures.
» Ass Fetish (128 groups)
For those fascinated by the beauty of the ass.
» BBW (616 groups)
Big Beautiful Women--the place for curvy women and the people who love them.
» BDSM (158 groups)
Groups for people to explore bondage, dominance, submission, sado/masochism, and other forms of kinky play.
» Bisexuals (1348 groups)
Groups for people who enjoy sex with both men and women.
» Breast Fetish (235 groups)
The section for groups about breasts, nipples, and lactation.
» Cunnilingus (190 groups)
Oral sex, dental dams, and sex techniques.
» Dirty Talking (906 groups)
Nasty talking, verbal role play, and discussions on vocabulary.
» Dominatrix (62 groups)
Worship, discussions, and tips on how to interact with your favorite Professional Dominant Women.
» Erotic Art (72 groups)
Photographers, models, and those who love collecting erotic artwork.
» Erotic Fiction (57 groups)
For writers and readers of amateur and professional erotic fiction.
» Exhibitionism (3107 groups)
For those who like to display their bodies or perform sexual acts in front of others. What.s fun, what.s safe, and legal issues involved.
» Fellatio (190 groups)
Covers everything involving a mouth on a male member--blowjobs, tea-bagging, swallowing, use of condoms, and safety concerns.
» Flirting (112 groups)
Come-hither behavior, both serious and light fun. Flirting etiquette, being a tease, and knowing when to change it to something more.
» Foot Fetish (115 groups)
For groups to discuss images, foot care, nail painting, foot smelling, oral contact with feet, and foot/genital contact.
» Games (43 groups)
All types of games, including computer games, table-top role-playing games, board games, social games, and solitary games.
» Gay/Lesbian (580 groups)
Gay/Lesbian political issues, social groups, gay friends and/or family, parenting/children, resources, discussions, dating and sex.
» Group Sex/Orgies (828 groups)
For groups about orgies and sex parties, threesomes, orgy/group sex etiquette, safe sex with groups, jealousy issues, and people looking for orgy partners.
» Hair Fetish (115 groups)
For groups who like redheads, brunettes, raven-haired or blondes, body hair, hair cutting, hair pulling, and even hair ribbons.
» Interracial (667 groups)
This is for mixed-race couples and those who would like to be in one, including how to find others, cultural differences, and meeting the in-laws.
» Latex (20 groups)
For groups who love latex clothing, toys, condoms, and who thank Charles Goodyear for inventing vulcanized rubber.
» Leather (12 groups)
This is the place for those who love the feel and smell of leather clothes, furniture, and toys.
» Lingerie (88 groups)
Love to wear lingerie or see someone else in it? Then this topic is for you.
» Married Couples (134 groups)
Discussions of married life, domestic issues, and keeping the fire alive.
» Massage (91 groups)
For those interested in giving or receiving massage and discussing the best techniques.
» Medical Play (34 groups)
For groups interested in doctor or nurse sexual role-play.
» MILFs (260 groups)
For sexy moms and the people who love them.
» Models/Photographers (95 groups)
For groups interested in photography, images, famous models and those who want to be a model.
» Nudists (152 groups)
Shuck off your clothes and discuss nudity, places to go, and how to meet others.
» Older Couples (72 groups)
For couples who are getting older but are no less active, and for those who want to meet them.
» Open Relationships (101 groups)
The topic for open lifestyles, boundry and jealousy issues, and communication.
» Phone Sex (350 groups)
For groups who love to whisper their fantasies over the phone.
» Private Parties (407 groups)
For groups who like to throw special, private parties and those who want to attend them.
» Role Play (494 groups)
For groups who like to act out fantasies or play a different role during sex. Dice are optional.
» Rope Bondage (32 groups)
Get all tied up with this topic and discuss knots, styles of rope bondage, and rope safety.
» Safe Sex (192 groups)
For groups practicing safe sex or wishing to learn more about it, including tools and techniques.
» Sex Toys (96 groups)
Whether you like to use them on others or have them used on you, this topic is sure to please.
» Shoe Fetish (25 groups)
Discuss your favorite high heels, pumps, or boots and how you wear--or worship--them.
» Smoking (39 groups)
Cigars, cigarettes, lighters, paraphernalia, and smoking culture are in this topic.
» Soft swinging (22 groups)
For those who like to have sex with their partner while others are also having sex or are watching, but don't wish to have sex with anyone other than their partner.
» Spanking (75 groups)
For groups who like to administer or receive posterior punishment.
» Submission (194 groups)
Discuss serving, submission, receive training advice, or just commiserate with fellow submissives
» Swing clubs (81 groups)
Club events, postings, and where to go for the best swinging party.
» Swingers Conventions (27 groups)
Keep up to date on Swinging conventions and events.
» Swinging (194 groups)
From Full Swap to Soft Swap to all things in between - this is the place for experienced and beginning swingers alike.
» Tantra (55 groups)
Groups about the spiritual aspects of Tantra, the experience, advice, and the lifestyle.
» Threesomes (465 groups)
For couples seeking a third to join them, or a single person seeking to be a guest star.
» Transexual/Tranvestites (352 groups)
For people who find gender to be a state of mind or prefer a different gender than what they were born with.
» Travel (216 groups)
For groups interested in travel for business or pleasure, including topics such as cultural differences, travel advice and warnings, and the best places to go.
» Uniforms/Clothing (66 groups)
Love a man (or a woman) in a uniform? This topic covers wearing uniforms and costumes, sewing and costume creation, Japanese cosplay, and clothes of all kinds.
» Voyeurism (169 groups)
For those who like to see bare bodies and/or sexual acts, but not necessarily join in. Voyeurism etiquette, where to find exhibitionists, and what.s the best thing to see.
» Watersports (300 groups)
For groups interested in golden showers, including play styles and safety concerns.
» Weddings/Commitment Ceremonies (20 groups)
This topic covers collaring ceremonies and handfastings to gigantic weddings with all the trimmings.
» Well-Endowed (228 groups)
For hung men and busty women, and the people who desire a larger-built partner.